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Source Category - Specific QC Procedures (Tier 2)

Source Category - Specific QC Procedures (Tier 2)

Source Category - Specific QC Procedures (Tier 2)

  • In contrast to general inventory QC techniques, source category-specific QC procedures are directed at specific types of data used in the methods for individual source categories and require knowledge of the emission source category, the types of data available and the parameters associated with emissions.

  • It is important to note that Tier 2 source category-specific QC activities are in addition to the general QC conducted as part of Tier 1. The source category-specific measures are applied on a case-by-case basis focusing on key source categories and on source categories where significant methodological and data revisions have taken place.

  • It is good practice that inventory agencies applying higher tier methods in compiling national inventories utilise Tier 2 QC procedures. Specific applications of source category-specific Tier 2 QC procedures are provided in the energy, agriculture, industrial processes and waste chapters of this report .

Source category-specific QC activities include the following:

• Emission data QC;
• Activity data QC;
• QC of uncertainty estimates.

The first two activities relate to the types of data used to prepare the emissions estimates for a given source category. QC of uncertainty estimates covers activities associated with determining uncertainties in emissions estimates.

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