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Business Ideas for Mechanical Engineers

Business Ideas for Mechanical Engineers

Business Ideas for Mechanical Engineers

As a mechanical engineer, you really do not need to wait for a company to employ you before you can start your career. There are several businesses you could start as a mechanical engineer and you really do not need lakhs of rupees to start your business.

1. Mechanical Engineering Consultancy Firm : Another smart business idea is to start a consultancy business to offer support to industries and companies in need of mechanical engineering services.


2. Recruiting firm : You could also help companies who need to recruit good hands to head hunt, conduct interviews and tests and negotiate remunerations for mechanical engineers.


3. Training school : If you have a flair for teaching, you could either become a lecturer, teaching mechanical engineering in universities or set up a training school to train and brush up mechanical engineers.


4. Waste Management : The waste management industry is very broad and as a mechanical engineer, there are opportunities for you in the waste management industry too. You could help to design and construct machines that would make waste disposal and recycling easier.


5. Mechatronics : Mechatronics is derived from two words; mechanical and electronic. Mechatronics involves developing gadgets that need both mechanical and electronic skills such as video cameras, electronics, motor vehicles, aeroplanes etc.


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