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Business Ideas for Mechanical Engineers - Part 2

Business Ideas for Mechanical Engineers

Business Ideas for Mechanical Engineers - Part 2

6. Supply-Chain Management : Supply chain management is every activity involved in production, from deigning the products, to getting raw materials, to the actual production, quality control and distribution to consumers. As a mechanical engineer, you can design cost effective ways to make this process easier for manufacturers.

7. Machine building & Design : As a mechanical engineer, you could build machine prototypes or conduct research and design different kinds of machines for use in different industry. You could also seek out intelligent individuals who have developed unique innovations but do not have funds to market them. You could take such people under your wings and give them the exposure they need.

8. HVAC installation and repair : Another business opportunity for mechanical engineers is to set up a heating, ventilation and air conditioning business. You would help people install or repair their HVAC systems and you could also sell new systems and parts and gadgets like air conditioners, home and office heating systems, refrigerators etc.

9. Auto-parts store : As a trained mechanical engineer, you would most definitely be able to identify quality spare parts. You could open a spare parts store in your area for people who need to replace a damaged part in their motor vehicle.

10. Developing household gadgets : As a mechanical engineer, you could also develop household gadgets like vacuum cleaners, blenders, window cleaners, coffee makers and several other gadgets which make housekeeping easier.

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