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Business Ideas for Mechanical Engineers - Part 4

Business Ideas for Mechanical Engineers

Business Ideas for Mechanical Engineers - Part 4

16. Mobile garage services
Mobile garage services can be a business opportunity wherein one can provide garage services any time and anywhere within a region.

17. Vehicle Accessories
This is a manufacturing business to provide third party solutions to the most popular vehicles in your area.initial set up will include costs for some R&D and machining tools.Partnerships could be formed with local distributors and vehicle service businesses.

18. Auto Service Station
There is a drastic increase in the number of cars and vehicles due to the growning population. Therefore you may think about setting up an after sales service centre. It could cater to all the needs of the cars and provide them servicing. Also you may start a second hand dealership which could also be very profitable.

19. Designer Printed Fans
In the modern world, designer stuffs are in demand, we have designer clothes, designer jewelry, designer lights, designer paints etc. so why not create designer fans. These fans will be printed with different graphical designs and can be sold at a premium. Different materials can be used to make designs like vinyl, paints, etc.

20. Used Bookstores
These bookstores sell used and out of print books either through shops or online. People can also sell used books to the store.

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